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tv   Real Money With Ali Velshi  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EST

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tonight," tomorrow. >> what's in a flame? a lot if you -- a name? a lot, if you ask about america's fight against violent extremists. >> president obama calls it a battle of heart and mind, but roots of radicalism on the ground in a french neighborhood where the seeds of violence are sown. backward when it comes to gender equality. >> my greatest fear is that young women will be deterred from coming to silicon valley. >> i'm ali velshi and this is "real money."
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talk is cheap. but war is not. so before we discuss whether all the talk at this week's white house summit on countering extremism will produce any meaningful results, we need some context and a reality check. last week president obama asked congress to authorize war against i.s.i.l. this is the violent group that's taken control over large parts of iraq and syria. responsible for the death of james foley, stephen kassick and rebecca mueller. president obama said we also have to commit to confront the violent extremists, the rue crueters and enablers who may not directly engage in terrorist
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acts themselves but who radicalize and night those incite others to do so themselves. remember this is still washington we're talking about the place where everything is fought for political gamesmanship. republicans are faulting the president for not using the word aislammist extremism. calling about community based action to win hearts and minds. our white house correspondent mike viqueria joins me now. mike, you've worked in washington for along time. does this white house like summits more than others? >> they do like summits. they wanted to do this lately last year, and not because it's a political hot potato and a conservative cause
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celeb celebre, but in a very comprehensive way, that there's sensitivity, they don't want to single out the muslim population here in the united states and there was sensitivity leading up to that. that was the fine lining that you're referring to. the white house is very cognizant that if you emphasize the aspects of countering violent extremism, then you are feeding the propaganda machine of those who would go overseas to fight with al qaeda, and that is the goal of this summit if you will, probably turn the phrase, you're absolutely right, to have a community based approach towards intervening and getting to young disaffected individuals before they become susceptible to the message that's coming from some quarters in their community. >> so on one side you are having republicans that say calm it
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what it is, islamic terrorism. on the other side you have the aclu and several muslim groups who have said we can't do this because the fbi continues to target our communities, try to gain informants, is there some sense of there being progress on this meeting or just day 1 of it? >> i think the president, he referred to the debate that was going on, you heard eric holder disparage it as a fox news sort of phenomenon. the president is cog any disants ofcognizant ofthe debate. >> they are not religious leaders, they're terrorists. [applause] >> and we are not at war with islam. [applause] >> we are at war with people who have perverted islam.
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>> the president hit that theme time and time again ali, he concluded that if conservatives are peddling this, we have to show them otherwise. to an audience i might add that was at least 50% muslim. >> mike now that we've got the semantics out of the way we'll get to the substance. thank you sir. i wanted to ask someone who attended the is white house summit, what actually was accomplished. a nonviolent, born in iraq participated in a 1991 uprising against saddam hussein and supported america's 2003 war against iraq. she's now an american citizen and spent the day at the white house where she joins me by telephone.
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after the day at the white house is there something you know now morning? >> thank you for having me on your show. actually the summit was very interesting. a lot of people a lt of experiences, many people talked about the danger of all the violent extremism that's happening domestically and abroad. the new information that i got today, about the new programs that different foundations and organizations and also the government programs that they have been doing to counter extremism, violent extremism in the u.s. and abroad as well. >> we have obviously had a number of distractions and they may be important ones, american civil liberties union, have gone into this thing objecting thattists about targeting muslims in america and about putting them on the wrong side. we just heard from mike viqueria, our guy in washington to say the president was really
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front and center in making it clear that he's not talking about islam and muslims. he's drawing a different line but that's getting him into hot water with republicans who say why don't you call it like it is, islamic extremism. >> well, the majority of people attended the summit today were from different backgrounds and different countries as well. a lot of muslims and heavy on the issues of islamic extremism. and especially now, on the rise in many different countries. and i -- we all now suffering from this islamic extremism, violent extremism in the middle east and in the western world. to point out the issue of islamic extremism was addressed
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and the president made clear that we are not in a war with islam. we are in a war of radical ideology, radicals who are committing this form of violence against people. >> was there some sense amongst those people who were there that they can do something on the front lines, with young muslims or anybody else who might be prone to extremism and violence in america? was there some sense that they can -- that we can have any impact to counter these people from joining extremist groups? >> there are a lot of ideas that have been put on the table. there are a lot of programs that homeland security is doing, fbi and law enforcement and also organizations, and let me tell you about what we are doing, the american congress called the project and many college campuses working with young
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students, they just had their wonderful campaign called voices against radicalism that exist in over 55 colleges around the country. and this program actually tackles this issue specifically, the issue of violent extremism and radicalism within the muslim community whether here or affecting many innocent lives of muslims and nonmuslims overseas in the muslim world and in the middle east. >> do you believe there's downer narrative that could be put forward to people who would otherwise join extremist groups? is that likely. >> that was on the table, first of all today and it's been discussed. no one has i will tell you the magic wand to make it happen overnight but a lot of people called for self dploiks diplomacy and different programs that should
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be changed over there and change from within and make things different in the upcoming period of time and reducing violence in the area. >> thank you for joining us, the co-founder and executive director of the american islamic congress. on the inform front of american hearts and minds, those who are most vulnerable, we'll get a look on the fertile grounds of france. >> it is a crossroads where race and religion come head to head to poverty. keep it here. >> monday, studying deadly viruses. >> these facilities are incredibly safe, incredibly secure. >> go inside the study of infectious diseases. >> ventilated footy pajamas. >> protecting those working
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forced france to confront its immigrants. while the suburbs of pairs have received lots of attention in the aftermath of attacks, other areas have set of,. >> three young men born and raised in france could turn to violence. for mourad, the journey happened all too quickly. >> there are several reasons people become radicalized, it could be low self esteem or a certain calling. if a person wants to create a future for themselves in somewhere like syria it's because they can't imagine a place like here in france. >> where the government likes to make a difference. this is where the seeds of
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violence are frequently sown. in the toulouse community, this tough district sits on the outskirts, some people here feel like they're living on the fringes of french society. it is a crossroads where issues of race and religion come head to head with the poverty. >> i live here. i'm integrated, i feel french but people look at me as if i'm not. we're scared at how people look at us. >> do they have to be like everyone else, drink red wine cut their beards, remove the veil? >> there are some days i don't want to leave my house. i work in the market and then i just want to go home. people want to put us all in the
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same basket as we were all to blame for the attacks. >> at the mosque, the local imam is wary of involvement. >> we have been victims for a long time. here we don't know of any young people who want to go abroad to fight but if they're thinking about it they're going to be very discreet. >> many here believe a sense of unity will only come with a greater sense of equality. neave barker, al jazeera toulouse. >> silicon valley is changing the future but reinforcing very sex is attitudes that hold women back. a tech ceo doesn't want excuses, she wants change. back in two minutes. >> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. >> now everybody in this country can hear them.
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>> at 7:00, a thorough of the day's events. >> at the end of the day, we're going to give you an intelligent, context driven, take on the day's news. >> then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. >> this is a complicated situation. how significant is it? >> and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. >> they're sending their government a message. >> organizing themselves. >> people say they're finally fed up. >> weeknights, on al jazeera america primetime.
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>> writer taiye selasi shares her impactful point of view >> certain people have to explain there presence... >> when you're part of many worlds, where is home? >> in ghana, i was not going to be able to become the person i wanted to be. >> every monday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera part of our special black history month coverage
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on al jazeera america . >> hello, i'm ray suarez. last week the talk in european capitals, ukraine and russia was of a ceasefire in eastern ukraine. one was signed but the ink was barely dry before the shelling, and dyeing continues. the ukranian army has been chased out. it has been portrayed in different terms. for the government of kiev the news from the front is not good. we hear about the fighting, talk to a ukranian about the pull back and ceasefire, and find out what europe is prepared do now. what is next for ukraine - it's


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